Fancy This Fridays #172 and Features

Happy Good Friday and Happy Easter weekend!!! In case you missed it I finally shared a craft for the first time in months!!! Check out my daughter’s Personalized Hanging Hair Bow Holders here.

Now, onto the features from Fancy This 171! Easter is this Sunday in case anyone out there missed the memo… ;) That being said, this week’s features are all fun Easter ideas that you can still put to good use this weekend!

First up, with just a few ingredients from the grocery store your family could make these adorable and yummy Peeps Houses from Joy at Yesterfood! So fun, right!?

Peeps Houses by Yesterfood

Next, Jen from The Suburban Mom shows us how to whip up Homemade Easter Egg Sidewalk Chalk. These would be fun to make and stick in the kids’ Easter baskets!


And finally, Stephanie of Spaceships and Laserbeams shared these cute Easy Easter Treats! They would be fun to whip up this weekend!


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Kassi @ Truly Lovely

Personalized Hanging Bow Holders

It’s been a long while since I’ve shared a DIY or tutorial here on le blog… So it’s about time for one don’t you think?? That’s what happens when you become a first time mommy and the rest of life completely takes over. ;)

Way back in August, a month after my girl was born, she had a ton of cute bows, flowers, barrettes, etc. and no real place to put them. Especially a place where I could easily see them and pick one to match her outfit. So, I decided to make her very own bow holders. Plural because one just wouldn’t be big enough for all the pretty hair accessories this girl had already collected!

Personalized Hanging Bow Holder by Truly Lovely Blog (1)

The materials needed include:

  • Wooden Craft Plaque (I used two purchased from Hobby Lobby for $2.99 each)
  • Craft Paint
  • Paint Brushes
  • Vinyl (for the personalization, I cut Klara’s name out of white vinyl using my Silhouette machine)
  • Glue gun and glue sticks
  • Ribbon
  • Flat head thumb tacks
  • Craft rhinestones

Personalized Hanging Bow Holder by Truly Lovely Blog (2)

Step 1: Paint your wood craft plaques. I painted mine pink and purple with brown accents to match the other colors of Klara’s bedroom.

Personalized Hanging Bow Holder by Truly Lovely Blog (3)

Step 2: If you’re like I was at the time, take a moment while your plaques dry to enjoy your sleeping baby and a cup of tea… oh… and the drying laundry hung over the dining table chairs. You do what you gotta do as a new mommy, right?! ;)

Personalized Hanging Bow Holder by Truly Lovely Blog (4)

On a side note can we just take a minute and sigh over how tiny my girl was at one month old!!! She’s nine months old now and there’s no way she’d fit in that cute little bed anymore, much less stay in it… haha

Step 3: Once your plaques are completely dry, add the vinyl lettering for the names. I chose to use Klara’s first and middle name. Again, like I mentioned above, I cut out the names in white vinyl using my Silhouette machine and then applied them using transfer paper.

Personalized Hanging Bow Holder by Truly Lovely Blog (5)

Step 4: Hot glue a strip of ribbon to make a loop on the top of each plaque for hanging. Then hot glue three strips of ribbon to the bottom of each plaque for the hair accessories. After I hot glued the ribbons I added the flat head tacks for added support. I just really wanted it to hold up well. {Side note, so far it has! 8 months + later and there are WAY more hair accessories on them now!} The ribbon I used was a cute set of cowgirl ribbon, to match Klara’s bedroom theme, also purchased from Hobby Lobby.

Personalized Hanging Bow Holder by Truly Lovely Blog (6)

Step 5: After hanging them up as they were at this point I decided they lacked sparkle and hot glued three rhinestones to each plaque to fancy them up a bit… Much better! Then just hang on the wall and had your hair pretties!

Personalized Hanging Bow Holder by Truly Lovely Blog (7)

Your turn: Do your girl(s) have tons of hair accessories? How do you store or display them?

Check out where we link up on our Party With Us Page!

Kassi @ Truly Lovely

Fancy This Fridays #171 and Features

DIY Lace Doily Easter Eggs

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Fancy This Fridays #170 and Features

DIY Newborn Photography Props

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A Trip to Caboose Frozen Treats

Kayli, Kassi and Klara at Caboose Frozen Treats

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A Monday Giggle

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Fancy This Fridays #169

Boy Nursery

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Kayli’s 20 Wishes- March Progress

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Twenty Wishes Progress and Giveaway – March


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