Bloggie Bestie Blog Swap with Steph of Southern Fairy Designs

Happy Thursday lovelies!!!
Hope you’ve been enjoying your short work week!!! 
That is.. If you had Memorial Day off… If not… 
Forget I said anything…. hee hee

Today we have a darling from the United Kingdom that we would like you to meet!!! This girl is a AWESOME re-fashioner!!! 
Steph of Southern Fairy Designs
She links up some of the best re-fashions to our Fancy This Fridays link up!!
She’s even been featured a time or two! 😉

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And when you’re done I’m guesting over at her blog today!!!
Hope you’ll pop over for a hello! 
Thanks friends!
So, here’s Steph!!!

Hi all, I’m super chuffed to be blog swapping today with the lovely Kassi… and guess what… she’s popping over to my blog to share a post with you all too over at Southern Fairy Designs.. so go check out what she’s sharing over there!

Anyway… I’m Steph, a 20 something from the UK… working as an aircraft mechanic and doing a degree part time too (yes bonkers I know).. my 2 main passions in life are aircraft and crafting, yes I know complete opposite ends of the spectrum and somethign few people can get their heads around..

I don’t have a snazzy tutorial to share with you like Kassi does over on my blog today, so I thought I’d share with you some of fave projects I’ve done recently…

1) I had a go at making my own version of an Anthro Tanktop, so much fun to make and great to wear! Click the pic and it’ll take you to my tutorial so you can make one too (which I’d love to see if you do!)

2) I bought a cheapy plain fascinator in Claires Accessories and refashioned it to make it super cool and match my stripy dress to go to the races mid June (keep tuned into my blog if you want to see the outfit in full, I think at the weekend I shall post a piccy of it!)

3) And last but no means least.. the first ever tutorial that I did.. my version of the Anthro Bauble Bow necklace (can you tell I love Anthro and knockoffs yet?) such a cute necklace and it just goes with near enough every outfit I own!

So I hope you’ve all enjoyed seeing my stuff and please pop by and have a browse around my blog, will nice to see you! From this blog swap I’ve learnt I really do need to my act in gear and get my blog a button made! If you’re really keen come find me on facebook too, here.

Thanks for having me Kassi!

THANK you Steph for blog swapping with us today and sharing with our readers!!! THANKS EVEN MORE for agreeing to blog swap on short notice!
Just keeping it real friends, but the LOVELY Steph agreed YESTERDAY to swap with us because I didn’t have anyone else scheduled! 

SO in other words… If you’re interested in blog swapping with Truly Lovely, hit us up and I’ll get you penciled in! We’re not like these HUGE blogs where you have to wait months to get your post featured… 😉

Have a lovely day!