7 Creative Ways to Use Your Scarves {Guest Post}

Since it’s the first actual week of the Fall season, we have a FUN guest poster with us today to celebrate!
Meet Stacie! She’s going to share some fun new ideas for using all those Fall Scarves you’ve gathered over the years, around the HOUSE!
Besides wearing of course! 😉
Here’s Stacie!!!

Hello! I am Stacie, and I am so excited to be posting for Kassi today. I am a new writer for Scarves.net and I have a few tips to share on some versatile uses for scarves that you may not have thought of. 🙂

7 Creative Ways to Use Your Scarves

When it comes to decorating, I’ve always been resourceful. I use a pair of deer antlers as a necklace holder. I stack suitcases to hold all the things I don’t use very often.

But one of my favorite things to upcycle and reuse are scarves.
Scarves are so appealing to me mostly because of their prints—a lot of times they are little works of art. By thinking outside of that *ahem, scarf box, you can turn your unused accessories into an eye-popping piece of home décor.

1. Table Runner. Drape a clean, long, rectangular scarf over a dining table length-wise.

2. Throw Pillows. Fold a scarf to a pillow-size and shape, and use color-coordinating needle and thread to hand-stitch a throw pillow cover. For those who are sewing-challenged, you can simply wrap the pillow for an equally chic effect.

3. Quilt. Sew old scarves together to create a useful and colorful blanket.

4. Wall Art. In an interesting frame, showcase a smaller scarf or a section of a larger scarf. I found this scarf at an antique fair and I just thought it was the cutest thing. I didn’t want to hide it in a drawer only to be worn occasionally, so I framed it!

Scarf Art

 5. Curtain Valance. Display a colorful scarf as a unique window valance

6. Drapery. Simply tack together some scarves to make a unique curtain between rooms. Thrift stores are a great place to find vintage scarves for really low prices.

Scarf Curtain

7. Liner. Use a scarf to line your jewelry box. This works well for scarves with holes or stains.

How to Store Scarves

Hopefully these tips will help you turn your scarf into a multipurpose work of art! Thanks again to Kassi for letting me write a post, she is a truly wonderful blogger. 🙂


Stacie Grissom is a writer for Scarves.net where she writes about everything from how to clean a scarf to 37 ways to tie a scarf. In her free time, she loves to work on her DIY blog, run, and take lots of photos with her collection of old cameras.


Those are some lovely ideas for making good use of that scarf collection!
What about you lovelies! Do you multipurpose your scarves?
Kassi @ Truly Lovely


  1. TexaGermaNadian says:

    These are all so great! Especially the table runner and the comforter. So neat looking. Thanks for the ideas!

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    Such great ideas!!!

  3. such a great post! Wonderful ideas 🙂