Fancy This Fridays #59

Happy Friday!!!
We’ve got BIG plans for the weekend! 
Kayli will be here this afternoon and starting tonight we’re going to paint my living room! 
Here are a few befores for your viewing pleasure… 🙂

I’ve been debating on what curtains I want all week… Grommet or clip… 
Any opinions? Anyone know a great place to buy super long curtains that I might not have come across in days of searching the Internet? If so, PLEASE share!!!

Those are my Halloween decorations… Obviously these are October pictures. 
Or even a great place to buy western-ish fabric??? Anyone???

Hopefully I have some fabulous after photos to show you sometime soon! 🙂
Until then, we wanna see what you’ve been up to! 

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Fancy This

Thanks for linking lovelies!!! 

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  1. Thanks for hosting! Found your blog via Ladybird Ln.

  2. curtains? i actually got my curtains at walmart – they are better homes and garden brand. and we love them! they are brown too.

  3. A Mother and A Daughter says:

    What a coincidence! The link I added today "Back in Black" answers the very question of where you can buy extra long curtains! You can get really long lengths for a pretty good price at Thanks for hosting the party! ~ Barbara

  4. Ami w/AliLilly says:

    I can't wait to see!!! And I LOVE grommet topped. That is what we have in our living room.

  5. Life In The Thrifty Lane says:

    I need curtains too!! Was checking online too and bed bath and beyond.

  6. Jerri Rivers says:

    Nice Room! Wish I had a fireplace like yours! Thanks for hosting today!

  7. I was in the same debacle this past Summer. Trying to find super long curtains for the living room. Well… after searching and searching I gave up and the light bulb went off at that very moment. *King size top sheets*.

    I went out and bought some crisp white flat sheets @ target {which were also on sale} and created 4 panels {two sheets // 4 panels} for the two very large windows in our living room. Saved me a ton of money since curtains are out the wazooo in price, and the easy part is there are so many styles, patterns and colors out there when it comes to sheets! :0)

    Good luck!

  8. ~Randee@Randee's Organized Chaos says:

    Kassi…THANKS for hosting!!! I am hosting a party where fellow bloggers can critique each others blogs anonymously!! I hope that you will stop by and possibly tell your readers about it!!!! THANKS!!!

  9. Stone Cottage Adventures says:

    There are so many great places to buy curtains! 'Love the king size sheet idea. My fabulous aunt used raw muslin. It is inexpensive and has an interesting texture. They look great with her brown furniture. Have fun! -Marci

  10. check Target, I just saw a ton on clearance (84"). Also if you have an Ikea nearby, they have great prices as well. I saw another cute blogger use drop clothes from Lowes, it was cute! have fun redecorating!