Fancy This Features #64

Today is just one of those Mondays. One of those, I gotta take a test and go to class and buy groceries but oh wait I locked my keys in my car, kind of Mondays. BUT it isn’t all bad. I get to do the features! 🙂 

So here are my picks:
The first is a SWEET Chocolate Kiss Applique Tutorial by Cheryl over at Sew Can Do. It’s super cute and even though my sewing skills are pretty limited, I think I could do this!! It would be way cute to use for throw pillows too.
Next up Crystal from Crystal and Co. shows us How to Never Have an Icy Windshield Again. In our part of the woods, it doesn’t get very cold, but our hometown does- and we get the occasional icy night. This is SOOOO good to know. No more walking outside and panicking when you’re already five minutes late and now you have to scrape ice for five more. This is a billion times faster, and I’d feel better about using this than the weird chemical stuff. Bonus! 
And finally some super yummy looking Mounds Inspired Cupcakes by Ami from Alililly. Yeah, I said Mounds. You know, those chocolately, coconutty, delicious candies…. but in a CUPCAKE. Let’s all just take a minute and think on that one…….. Mmm. 🙂 So excited to try these! I’m sure they’re as sweet as the lovely lady who made them! 
And that’s it! Here’s a button for you lovely ladies.
Featured at Truly Lovely 
Happy Monday!


  1. Cheryl @ Sew Can Do says:

    Thanks so much for featuring my Chocolate Kiss Tutorial – your button is on my Featured On page:)

  2. those cupcakes look YUM!

  3. Ami w/AliLilly says:

    Thanks you sooooo much for featuring my cupcakes! 🙂

    Aren't those kinda mornings just the best!!….NOT! I've had a few of those lately!