Scribble Shop Challenge – A Princess Doll Bed

Hello there lovelies! First… HAPPY FIRST DAY OF SPRING!
I’m excited to share my Scribble Shop Challenge project with you all today!
Remember this video where I vlogged about the challenge and the supplies I received?

Here’s a refresher in case you missed it…
I was sent a box of crafting supplies from the Scribble Shop online craft store. The challenge was to make something using as many of the supplies as possible. Winner of the challenge gets a prize! 🙂

crafting supplies

The supplies I received included:

Glitter Brads
Martha Stewart Glitter
Chalkboard Paint
Blue/Green Fabric
Green Roving
Royal Blue Roving

And of course, some yummy chocolates! 🙂 I also made good use of the cardboard box the supplies came in AND the packing peanuts that were inside the box!

After weeks of debating the best project to try I decided on a doll bed. I’m an auntie with no kiddos of my own yet and a limited toy selection at my house… So when the nieces and nephews come to visit I need more kid friendly entertainment!

To get started I cut the flaps off the cardboard box and made a doll headboard pattern on one flap piece by penciling on the design I wanted, then cutting it out with scissors. I traced the pattern onto one end of the box as the headboard, then on the other end (a little lower) for the foot board and carefully cut them out with an Xacto Knife.


The freshly cut out box then received a coat of the chalkboard paint.

chalkboard paint

While my box was drying I sewed together the square pieces of fabric into a small baby bed blanket and ‘mattress’ cover. Because every princess needs a feather pillow, I stuffed two of the squares with feathers, then sewed them together as well.

A plastic bag stuffed with the packing peanuts, then tied closed makes a ‘mattress’ fit for a princess.

packing peanuts

The princess bed received some pretty embellishments in the form of the Martha Stewart Glitter, the glitter brads, and some carefully placed feathers in blue and yellow (to match the bedding of course). Finished, all our princess bed needed was a princess girl and her princess dolly to test it out!

Scribble Shop Challenege

So, there you go! My Scribble Challenge Princess Bed! The only thing I didn’t use was the wool roving… SO my question to you is, HOW would you incorporate that into this project??
I did use the packaging though… So that should count for something… hahaha!

Scribble Shop Challenge

Oh, and of course, once our princess tried out the princess doll bed, we all shared the yummy chocolates!

Scribble Shop Challenge

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Happy crafting lovelies!!!

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Chalkboard Flower Pot

Remember WAY back in like January-ish when I re-organized my office space?
The after looked like this:

Much better… but still nothing exciting. 
I’ve worked in that space for a few months now and I finally decided it was in need of some fancying up!
First things first, my mom gave me a small potted plant that she’d had in her office. 
Cute little thing that it was, it too needed a little fancy before moving to it’s new home in MY office! 😉

Enter chalkboard paint and a Silhouette cut vinyl stencil. 

I used a shape that had come in a four pack I purchased from the Silhouette store back when I made my Save the Date cutouts. It was a little troublesome to get the vinyl on the pot because it has a curve to it… but I finally got it on there… mostly straight. 😉

I used a foam brush to fill in the stencil with chalkboard paint. I think I’ve mentioned this before, but be careful to buy chalkboard paint FOR GLASS if you’re doing a project like this. The kind I have is meant for porous surfaces, so you really have to glob it on there and let it dry overnight for it to work. 

 I hot glued a small strip of  fabric on the back to hold a piece of chalk! 
I was quite proud of myself for thinking of that one… haha. Now there’s chalk handy when I want to change the message on the chalkboard. 🙂

I rolled a small rosette using this method and hot glued it on the front for a little pretty embellishment
and it was done! 🙂 
A cute little planted pot for my office!   

Stay tuned for some other little pretties I made to Fancy Up my office space!

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Chalkboard Canisters

Merry Christmas!!!
The countdown is ON!!! Only 2 days left to go until the big day!
That being said, here is my tutorial for my favorite homemade Christmas gift for 2010!!
Chalkboard Canisters!
I made this gift for a dear friend that is also a teacher, so I’m hoping she’ll “get” them! I’m not a teacher and I want to make myself some now… haha. So I think I’m good.

The inspiration for this project came from here, at Tatertots & Jello.
My fave blogger!
And from here at the Soladay Family Blog.
Thanks ladies for the inpiration!! Hope I did the idea well!! 🙂

I started with three glass containers of varying sizes, a spool of fun black and white checked ribbon, some chalkboard paint and a foam brush… And of course chalk! All purchased at Wal-Mart from the Craft Department.
Only other materials needed were my trusty glue gun, some tape and some twine I already had.
I taped off the area I wanted to paint using packing tape…
FYI: Splurge on some painters tape! The paint leaked through the packing tape a little on the edges, and I had to go back and clean it up by scraping off the excess…

It took about three coats of the chalkboard paint to get it thick enough on the glass… I was having trouble with it… until my fiance came in and globbed a bunch on there.
“You just gotta get it thick”, he said. Oh.
Anyway, they turned out fairly nice, I think!

I then took my trusty hot glue gun and glued the checked ribbon around the top edge of each jar. For the smaller jars, I just cut the ribbon in half and it fit nicely. I made a little bow of proportionate size for each container and slapped them carefully glued each bow to the containers.
For the middle sized jar, I tied a piece of twine around the top of the jar, then covered it with the ribbon, leaving some hanging out to hold the chalk.

I just tied the twine loosely around a piece of chalk so that it’s handy for writing on the little chalkboard facings.

And the finished result!
I LOVE them! I want some of my own… And so does Kayli… So there may be some more canister making in my near future… 🙂

For my friend’s gift, I filled each canister with a different kind of Christmas candy and wrote the names of what was inside for each using the chalk.
So what do you think? Do you have any other fun ideas using Chalkboard paint???

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