A uh.. Unique Date Idea

I may have mentioned before but for those new to Truly Lovely, the hubs and I attended the same university. 
Go AGGIES! {NMSU, specifically.}
In college we played a lot of a game that we’ll just call um… water pong. haha. 
Also known as beer pong to some… but any who…. 

It was kind of our thing. We even had a HUGE piece of plywood that we spray painted black, then invited all of our friends to sign using those paint marker things. 
It served as our pong playing table top. 
It was awesome!
While doing our Christmas shopping this year we discovered that Wal-Mart carries a Sports Pong set. 
Yep, you can now buy your plastic cups and ping pong balls in a nicely boxed set for less than $10! 
Who knew?!
I thought it would be fun to get a set for the hubs’ birthday and surprise him with a college flashback style date night
It’s been windy here lately and everyone knows you can’t play water pong in the wind! 😉 So I set up a pong court, as it were, inside! Complete with plastic drop cloths to save my carpet if any water were to spill… which can happen. 😉

The note in the middle reads, “Consider this a challenge! See you tonight!”
The sports pong set comes with 12 games, which makes for lots of fun, friendly hubs and wife competition.  ðŸ˜‰ Don’t worry, if you can’t find a Sports Pong set, a package of those good ol’ Red Solo cups (Toby Keith, anyone?!) and a set of ping pong balls is EXACTLY the same thing. 🙂
The point of the game, in case you’re unversed in the art of water pong, is to stand at one end of the table, and take turns tossing your ping pong balls into the other person’s (half water filled) cups, essentially knocking out all of their cups before they get yours! 

SO if you’re looking for a fun date night idea this Valentine’s Day… 
Or any night really… 
Maybe a friendly game of water pong would be just the thing. 
In this date night version winner gets a back rub. 😉

Or if water pong isn’t your thing, the point is to think of something your love used to really enjoy and bring it back for date night! 😉

Have fun lovelies!
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