How does Ruby Receptionist work?

Understanding the Ruby Receptionist Service

Ruby Receptionist Service

Have you ever missed an important call because you were busy with other tasks or simply couldn’t pick up the phone? Or maybe you have been frustrated with automated answering systems that make you wait endlessly to speak with a live person? If you can relate to these situations, you might want to consider the services of a professional receptionist who can assist your business with phone calls and customer service.

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The Ruby Receptionist Service is a company that specializes in virtual receptionist services for small businesses. Instead of hiring an in-house receptionist, Ruby Receptionist offers a team of highly trained and screened receptionists who answer phone calls on behalf of your business. The company was founded in 2003 and has since then served over 13,000 businesses across North America.

The way it works is simple and seamless. First, you sign up for an account with Ruby Receptionist, either through their website or by phone. Then, you customize your account settings by providing them with information about your business, including your company name and contact information, business hours, and the employees you want to receive calls. You can also set up call forwarding so that Ruby Receptionist can answer your calls when you’re unavailable.

Once your account is set up, Ruby Receptionist takes over the role of your receptionist. When someone calls your business, the call is automatically routed to Ruby Receptionist’s team of receptionists, who answer in a friendly and professional manner with a greeting based on your company’s script. The receptionist then asks for the caller’s name and the reason for their call before connecting them to the appropriate person or taking a message.

One of the benefits of the Ruby Receptionist Service is that their receptionists are not just operators, but trained representatives who can provide efficient and personalized customer service. They are skilled in handling various types of calls, from simple inquiries to complex customer service issues. They also have access to your business schedule so they can schedule appointments or follow up with callers as needed.

In addition, the Ruby Receptionist Service provides various features that make managing your calls easier. You can receive notifications via email, text, or through the company’s proprietary mobile app every time a call is taken. You can also access a real-time call log of all your calls, and Ruby Receptionist’s web portal provides detailed analytics that show you the number of calls you received, the number of missed calls, and other important metrics to help you analyze your business’s call flow.

The Ruby Receptionist Service is not just a cost-effective solution to hiring a full-time receptionist, but also helps to enhance your business’s image. With Ruby’s training and expertise, your callers are guaranteed to experience excellent customer service and professionalism, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. The service also gives you the freedom and flexibility to focus on your core business activities without worrying about missing valuable calls or losing potential business.

The Ruby Receptionist Service offers various plans and pricing options depending on your business’s needs. You can choose from their basic $309 monthly plan, which includes 100 receptionist minutes and a dedicated phone number, to their premium $989 monthly plan, which includes 500 receptionist minutes, call screening and transferring, and other advanced features. With their 21-day money-back guarantee, you can try the service risk-free and see if it works for your business.

In conclusion, the Ruby Receptionist Service is an innovative solution for small businesses looking to improve their customer service and phone management. With its team of professional receptionists, advanced features, and flexible pricing, the service can help you save time, money, and hassle while providing top-notch customer support and enhancing your business’s image.

Features of Ruby Receptionist

Ruby Receptionist Features

Ruby Receptionist is a virtual receptionist service that is designed to help businesses of all sizes. It offers an array of features that can help companies manage their customers’ incoming calls, emails, and chats. Its unique features set it apart from other virtual receptionist services available in the market.

Here are some of the notable features of Ruby Receptionist:

Live Receptionist Support

Live Receptionist Support

Ruby Receptionist provides live receptionist support. It means that customers can speak to a live agent, not an automated message, when they call a company. A professional and friendly operator greets the caller and answers the caller’s inquiries. They have extensive training in providing customer service, and they can help callers in a variety of ways, from scheduling appointments to redirecting calls.

Bilingual Receptionists

Bilingual Receptionists

Ruby Receptionist also has a team of bilingual receptionists. They can speak in Spanish and English, providing versatile support to clients who have Spanish-speaking customers. It is an excellent feature for companies that frequently handle Spanish-speaking customers or clients. The bilingual receptionists ensure that the customers feel valued, and their calls are taken care of professionally and efficiently.

Call Screening and Routing

Call Screening and Routing

Ruby Receptionist also offers call screening and routing. Call screening means that the receptionist can identify the caller through caller ID or conference calls. They can confirm before transferring the call to the client. Routing means that calls are transferred to the appropriate department or person based on the specific day or time of a week. It ensures that the caller can always speak to the right person, at the right time, and the business operates with more efficiency.

Personalized Greetings and Voicemail

Personalized Greeting and Voicemail

Full customization is one of the significant features of Ruby Receptionist. They can customize the receptionist’s greeting and voicemail message according to client’s specifications. The client can make sure that the message fits their business’ branding, tone, and needs. It lends a personalized touch to the service, which is essential for making a positive impression on customers.

Message Taking and Delivery

Message Taking and Delivery

Ruby Receptionists can also take messages for customers when needed. They note all essential details and pass them on to the client by email, text, or call. This feature is useful when the client is busy or unavailable, and the call can still be returned in time. Ruby Receptionist delivers messages accurately and promptly, which is essential for businesses that value their time and that of their customers.

24/7 Availability

24/7 Availability

Another unique feature of Ruby Receptionist is its 24/7 availability. The service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and all year long. It means that clients can always rely on the service for uninterrupted support, regardless of the time or day. Even after office hours, customers can get the help they need from a courteous and professional customer service operator.

Ruby Receptionist offers diverse features that can meet the requirements of different businesses. It provides a comprehensive virtual receptionist solution that can handle calls, emails, chats, and messages. With Ruby Receptionist, businesses can have the flexibility and support they need to keep their customer service at the highest level.

How Ruby Receptionist Handles Calls and Messages

Ruby Receptionist

Ruby Receptionist is a virtual receptionist service that helps businesses manage their incoming calls. It’s designed to provide a high level of customer service while reducing the workload on the business owner or staff. This article will look at how Ruby Receptionist handles calls and messages so that you can understand how it works and what benefits it offers.

1. Answering Calls

Virtual Receptionists ruby receptionist

When a call comes in, it is answered by a professional receptionist who is trained to represent your business. The receptionist will greet the caller and ask how they can be assisted. Depending on your preferences, the receptionist can then transfer the call to you or one of your staff members, take a message, or provide basic information about your business.

Ruby Receptionist uses a proprietary software program to manage incoming calls. This software allows the receptionist to see the caller’s name, phone number, and any previous interactions with your business. This information helps the receptionist provide personalized service that makes the caller feel valued.

2. Taking Messages

Taking Messages ruby receptionist

If a caller needs to leave a message, the receptionist will ask for their name, phone number, and the reason for their call. This information is then delivered to you via email, text message, or both. You can customize the message delivery options based on your preferences.

Ruby Receptionist takes message-taking seriously and has several quality assurance measures in place to ensure accuracy. For example, the receptionists are required to repeat the caller’s contact information back to them to ensure that it is correct.

3. Handling Emergencies

Handling Emergencies ruby receptionist

In some cases, a caller may have an urgent or emergency situation that requires immediate attention. Ruby Receptionist is equipped to handle these situations professionally and efficiently. If a caller indicates that they have an emergency, the receptionist will follow your pre-defined emergency protocol, which could include notifying you immediately or contacting emergency services.

Ruby Receptionist’s emergency protocols are highly customizable, and you can work with their team to create a plan that fits your business’s unique needs. This flexibility ensures that you can provide your customers with the best possible service, even in unexpected situations.

In conclusion, Ruby Receptionist is an excellent option for businesses looking to manage their incoming calls while providing high-quality customer service. By using Ruby Receptionist, you can focus on running your business while knowing that your calls are being handled professionally and efficiently. If you’re considering a virtual receptionist service, we recommend giving Ruby Receptionist a try.

The Role of a Virtual Receptionist

Virtual Receptionist

A virtual receptionist is an essential part of any company. It is a highly trained professional who can handle customer inquiries, respond to emails, and even book appointments without being present physically in the office. The ability to work remotely enables businesses to gain flexibility, save on costs, and provide seamless customer services 24/7. Ruby Receptionist is an award-winning virtual receptionist company that provides top-notch customer service to businesses. The question is, how does Ruby Receptionist work?

What is Ruby Receptionist?

Ruby Receptionist

Ruby Receptionist is an American-based virtual receptionist service that operates 24/7. It is a team of highly trained professionals that are available to handle incoming calls, emails, and chats. Ruby Receptionist has won several awards for its quality customer service and innovative technology. It is highly rated among small businesses and startups. Let’s see how Ruby Receptionist works.

How does Ruby Receptionist work?

When a business signs up for Ruby Receptionist services, the virtual receptionist onboarding process begins. The process includes assigning a dedicated team of virtual receptionists to the business, developing custom protocols, and training the team according to the business needs.

Here is how Ruby Receptionist works:

  • Answering phone calls: When a customer calls the business, the call is automatically forwarded to Ruby Receptionist’s team of virtual receptionists. The receptionist will answer the call in the business’s name and provides customer support services accordingly. The receptionist will then relay the message to the business owner or the relevant department. If the call is after hours, Ruby Receptionist will record the call and provide a transcript to the business owner the next day.
  • Booking appointments: If the business requires appointment scheduling services, Ruby Receptionist can handle it too. The virtual receptionist can access the business’s scheduling system and book appointments on behalf of the business. The receptionist can also send confirmation emails to the clients.
  • Handling customer inquiries: The virtual receptionist team is highly trained to handle any customer inquiry. The receptionist can answer frequently asked questions, provide detailed information about the business’s services or products, and even guide the customer through the sales process.
  • Responding to emails and chats: In addition to phone support, Ruby Receptionist can also handle email inquiries and online chats. The receptionist will answer the emails or chats in a timely and professional manner, providing the same level of customer service as they do with phone support.

Benefits of using Ruby Receptionist

Using Ruby Receptionist has numerous benefits for small businesses and startups. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Cuts costs: Having an in-house receptionist can be expensive. Outsourcing your virtual receptionist services allows you to avoid the extra costs and overheads associated with hiring another employee. Ruby Receptionist offers flexible pricing plans that can accommodate any budget.
  • Provides professional customer service: Ruby Receptionist provides high-quality customer service that will leave your customers happy and satisfied. This level of customer service increases customer loyalty and can lead to referrals and repeat business.
  • Saves time: By outsourcing your virtual receptionist services, you can focus on income-generating tasks for your business rather than handling mundane tasks such as answering phone calls or scheduling appointments.
  • Increases business productivity: Ruby Receptionist can handle customer inquiries and schedule appointments, allowing your business to focus on core functions that drive productivity.
  • 24/7 availability: Ruby Receptionist operates 24/7, providing uninterrupted support to your customers even after business hours.

In conclusion, Ruby Receptionist is an innovative and highly efficient virtual receptionist service that provides businesses with the flexibility, professionalism, and 24/7 customer support they require to thrive. Its use has allowed businesses to cut costs, save time, and improve their productivity. With Ruby Receptionist, business owners can rest assured that their customers receive high-quality customer service, leading to increased customer loyalty and revenue.

Benefits of Using Ruby Receptionist for Your Business

Ruby Receptionist

Ruby Receptionist is a virtual receptionist service that provides businesses with a professional, US-based receptionist to handle their calls and schedule appointments. Here are five benefits of using Ruby Receptionist for your business:

1. Increased Productivity and Efficiency


With Ruby Receptionist, business owners and employees can focus on their core tasks and leave the handling of incoming calls and appointments to a professional receptionist. This allows your business to become more productive and efficient. You no longer need to worry about answering phones or scheduling appointments during your busy workday.

Ruby Receptionist takes care of everything from answering calls to setting appointments and even following up with customers. This level of support is significant and adds great value to businesses, especially small businesses where resources and time are limited.

2. Enhanced Customer Experience

Customer Experience

With Ruby Receptionist, businesses can improve their customers’ experience dramatically. Customers expect to be able to communicate quickly and efficiently with businesses, whether by phone, email, or online chat. Ruby Receptionist offers businesses the option of a live receptionist instead of an automated answering service, which can leave customers feeling frustrated and unheard.

Professional and friendly receptionists ensure that customers are well-informed and satisfied with their interaction with your business, whether it is answering general questions, booking an appointment, or following up on a service inquiry.

3. Great Value for Money

Value for Money

Using Ruby Receptionist can save your business money while offering an excellent service. Compared to hiring an in-house receptionist or virtual assistant, outsourcing to Ruby Receptionist allows businesses to save on office space, equipment, and employee benefits. Moreover, with Ruby’s virtual receptionist plan, you only pay for the minutes used; thus, the services are scalable and flexible to accommodate your business’s specific needs.

This proves to be a smart investment in your business, allowing you to focus your resources elsewhere while still benefiting from a professional receptionist service.

4. Flexibility and Scalability

Flexibility and Scalability

Ruby Receptionist offers businesses a flexible and scalable service that can accommodate their specific needs. They have different pricing plans based on the number of calls a business receives or the minutes used. This allows businesses to have the freedom to choose a plan that best suits their needs and budget.

In short, as your business grows, your virtual receptionist plan can grow with it without having to worry about committing to a new plan or hiring additional staff to accommodate new customers or more significant call volumes.

5. Security and Confidentiality

Security and Confidentiality

Security and confidentiality are two crucial aspects of business operations, especially in industries where sensitive information is exchanged. Ruby Receptionist understands this and uses the latest technology to ensure the security and privacy of all calls made on their platform.

For instance, Ruby Receptionist’s call encryption technology features secure socket layers combined with Transport Layer Security to ensure that your calls are safe from prying eyes.

To maintain the highest level of privacy, Ruby Receptionist’s call recording feature is turned off by default unless explicitly requested by the customer.

In conclusion, Ruby Receptionist offers a professional and cost-effective service that can positively impact small businesses’ productivity, customer service, and efficiency. Small businesses can trust and rely on Ruby Receptionist to handle their calls, allowing them to focus on their core tasks. Choose Ruby Receptionist, and you’ll see why they’re considered the best in the business.

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