5 Steps to Building a Thriving Twitter Community

Growing Your Community through Collaborations


Building a Twitter community is not an easy task, but one of the best ways to do it faster is through collaborations. Collaborations involve partnering with other businesses or people in a way that can help promote your content to their followers, and vice versa, hence facilitating your growth. If you want to succeed in building an engaged and growing community on Twitter, here are five ways to grow your Twitter community through collaborations;

1. Collaborate with Other Brands/Twitter Accounts with Large Following

Collaborating with brands or Twitter accounts that have a large following can offer a significant boost to the growth of your Twitter community. To find the right partner, you can start by researching within your industry, identify brands or Twitter accounts with a similar number of followers or more than your accounts, and approach them with a proposal. Make sure to choose brands that align with your product or service to ensure that your message is clear.

2. Host a Twitter Chat/ AMA

Hosting Twitter chats is another way to collaborate with other brands and expand your Twitter community. Twitter chats are essentially online discussions where participants share their thoughts and engage with each other on a specific topic. It’s a great way to engage your followers and attract new ones. You can host a Twitter chat by inviting relevant influencers to co-host on a specific day and time, with a predetermined hashtag that represents the chat.

3. Co-create Content with Other Content Creators

Collaborating with other content creators or brands can lead to the creation of fresh and exciting content that your followers can engage with. Co-creating content can take various forms, from producing podcasts, videos, blog posts, e-books, white papers to developing webinars or online courses. By co-creating content with others, this allows you to pool your networks and instill a sense of recognition too.

4. Retweet, Tag, and Mention Other Twitter Accounts

Mentioning other Twitter accounts and tagging them in your tweets helps increase your visibility and establish your presence in their followers’ feeds. Retweeting their content offers benefits to both parties, promoting goodwill and potentially leading to a broader audience. By reaching out to other accounts, you can find new opportunities for engagement. This function is the essence of social media, and this participatory engagement activity can often lead to new followers and an increase in your brand’s reach on Twitter.

5. Engage in Twitter Contests or Giveaways

To engage in Twitter contests or giveaways can be an easy and effective way to build your Twitter community. This would require collaboration with other Twitter accounts, but the benefits include increased engagement as well as the growth of your followers too. To participate in this activity, you can follow brands in a similar sector to your offering or a charitable organization and watch out for these opportunities. Running and promoting your own competition through your account is another great way to collaborate and increase your account exposure.

Collaborate, collaborate and collaborate. By collaborating with other Twitter accounts, you can increase your followers, spark new ideas as well as gain an overall increase in engagement for your account. Building and maintaining a community on Twitter may require long hours, active listening, and regular posting – but with the right relationships in place, making meaningful connections can be a lot easier.

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